Setup Outlook 2016 on your personal computer

To set up Outlook 2016 for your UNB email on your personal (non-UNB) computer, do the following:

1. Click ‘Finder’ in the far left of your Dock. From the menu bar click ‘Go > Go to Folder’, type ‘/Applications/Microsoft Outlook’ and click ‘Go’. Double click ‘Microsoft Outlook’.

Image of FinderImage of 'Go to Folder' window

2. You will see a 'Welcome To Outlook' window. Click the arrow, then the ‘Get Started’ button.

Image of Welcome To Outlook windowImage of Welcome To Outlook window with Get Started button

3. Choose your preferred layout style, then continue. You will see ta 'Set up my Inbox' window. Click the ‘Add Account’ button.

Image of Set up my Inbox window

4. Click the icon to the left of ‘Exchange or Office 365’. This will open the 'Exchange account information' window .

Image of Exchange account information window

5. Enter the following:

  • Email address: your ''
  • User name: your UNB login ID
  • Password: Your UNB Password

Click 'Add Account’.

Exchange account information window with UNB details

6. To finish, simply close the 'Accounts' window. 

Accounts window