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Changes to how you log in to UNB services starting February 27


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All UNB Campuses

UNB’s existing authentication services have reached their end of life and must be upgraded by March 2021 to ensure continued, secure login services for the university.

On February 27, ITS is performing necessary updates to UNB’s login services. Once these upgrades are complete you will see a new login screen on most UNB IT services and:

  • You will need to add @unb.ca to your login ID - UNBloginID@unb.ca 

As part of this update, most IT services will now require multi-factor authentication (MFA), working the same as your M365 services. 

Is there anything I need to do to get ready for this change?
No. There is nothing you need to do before February 27, but once the update occurs:

  • Remember to use your loginID@unb.ca (not just login ID) when logging in. 

To help provide up-to-date information to students, faculty and staff, please review departmental website content and documentation for any reference to the login process. Please update your material to include the new loginID@unb.ca requirement and images of UNB’s new login screen where appropriate. 

To learn more about these changes and to see a list of exceptions, visit go.unb.ca/loginchanges