Information Technology Services

Information Technology Services (ITS) at the University of New Brunswick provides technology support, information and services to all UNB students, faculty and staff across all UNB campuses.

New IT Services website

ITS has launched a new website for IT service information focused on our internal faculty, staff and students.

This new website requires login and is replacing ITS’s previous website (the one you're on currently), which is being retired on April 15.

Only the ITS homepage ( will remain after April 15 - it will not require login and will contain general information, new account activation, forgot password links and a link to our new site.

Update your material: Prior to April 15, please update your online or printed material referencing the current ITS pages and instead only point to our homepage ( or our new site.

Let us know what you think: Browse the new site ( and email with any feedback.

IT Services new website