Additional Responsive Design Website Features

News and Events Block

The news and events block is used to let individuals know of things happening within your department or faculty. Depending on your requirements, there are three different types of ‘News/Events’ blocks. There is ‘News/Events’, ‘News/Events and Blog’ or ‘News/Events and location’. The news and events can be manually maintained or it can be populated by a blog feed. The benefit of a blog feed is that the news/events block will automatically pull the latest five postings and display them on your homepage. This will save you the effort of manually updating the block.

Example of the news and events block

Ad Block

If you have an important event or program that you would like to advertise on your website we can set up an ad block. There are three types of ad blocks, full ad block or sub-ad featured underneath your side navigation or a carousel ad block. Click here to learn more about carousel ad blocks.

Example of ad blocksExample of a sub-ad blockExample of a full ad block

Biography Block

Do you have a page that features a head shot image and short biography of individuals within your department? If so, the biography block will appropriately align the images and text while making the page mobile and tablet friendly; it also will make the page more easily accessible for those that are visually impaired.

Example of a biography block

Did you know? Block

The 'Did you know?' block allows for you to feature interesting facts regarding your department or faculty that others may not be aware of. By default, every website receives the generic UNB facts but you can choose up to five of your own.

Example of a 'Did you know?' block

Homepage Stories Block

The homepage stories block allows you to feature two stories that are related to your department or faculty. It is different than the news/events block as it is a platform to let others know about exciting opportunities happening with your faculty, students, or alumni; the focus is not on upcoming events or generic news items.

Example of a stories block

Testimonials Block

If you would like to feature testimonials regarding your different programs on your website, there is a block that will include a head shot image along with a quotation from the student. This block is placed along the bottom of your webpage and can be featured on program-specific webpages, not just your homepage.

Example of a testimonial block

Social Media Carousel Block

The social media carousel allows you to integrate your Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube feeds into your webpage. This block will pull the latest posting from the social media platforms and display it directly on the homepage. You also have the option of adding ad blocks to the carousel. The carousel allows up to 9 items, allowing people to click through (or swipe on a mobile device) to view the additional items. To use this block you must have a minimum of three different items.

Example of a social media carousel