Services and Support

Reliable web hosting and Content Management System (CMS)

Information Technology Services (ITS) provides access to the main UNB web server, a secure, reliable place to host UNB-branded websites that is powered by the Cascade Server content management system. 

Website hosting and the CMS is provided at no charge to UNB entities who wish to use the UNB branded Common Look and Feel (CLF). 

To create a new UNB site or gain access to an existing site, contact the IT Service Desk.

If you'd like a  non-branded website, you can use our secondary web server,

Certain specialized websites may also require their own stand-alone server. ITS can provide access to virtual servers. Virtual servers are a paid service. 

Content Management System training and access

ITS provides access to the UNB Content Management System

Image and graphic support

For help with banners, billboards, ad blocks or module images, contact

Social media integration

Digital Marketing can help integrate your social media presence into your UNB-branded website.  Contact to learn more. 

UNB also provides a blogging platform that leverages the CMS and the WordPress platform. 

Content development

Digital Marketing can provide advice on web writing best practices and help you develop engaging content. Contact to learn more.

Privacy advice

The University Secretariat can provide advice on how to comply with provincial and federal privacy laws as well as the web privacy statement and the collection and use of personal information. 

Copyright Advice

The UNB copyright officer can provide advice on the legal use of intellectual property and copyrighted materials on the web statement