Privacy and Copyright Guidelines

Model Release Form

A signed model release form is mandatory for any photo used on our site.  Download the form (.pdf)

Copyright Guidelines

Placing material on a webpage follow the same rules of copyright as those that apply to photocopying or publishing a book.  Any material that you find on the Internet is subject to the ‘Terms of Use’ or ‘Copyright Notice’ generally located on the bottom of the site.  If no information regarding the use of the material is readily available it is necessary to contact the webpage administrator to ask permissions to use any significant part of the work.  The rules of copyright provide certain exceptions that permit the use of small portions of others’ works for the purposes of research or private study, criticism or review and new reporting.  It is necessary to apply the rules of fair dealing when using others’ works whether it is text, images or video. 

For the purpose of research, private study, criticism or review, and news reporting, fair dealing does not infringe copyright. To determine if you have “fairly” used the published works of others, you must consider six factors:

  1. Purpose: is the copying for research, private study, criticism or review, or news reporting? If “yes,” continue with the next five factors. If “no,” the dealing is not fair.
  2. Character: what is the intended use of the copy? For example, single copies are considered fairer than multiple copies; destroying the copy after use is also considered fairer (placing material on the internet is considered multiple copies unless access is restricted).
  3. Amount: a larger volume of copying is considered less fair. However, it is important to note that in many circumstances it is necessary to copy entire works, such as photos, if they meet the remainder of the tests.
  4. Alternatives: are there other non-copyrighted works available that would have served the same purpose and was the copy necessary to achieve the purpose of the copy?
  5. Nature: is the work published and widely available? If the work is not published, then it is more likely to be considered fair.
  6. Effect: will the copy unduly affect the market value?

If you have any questions about applying the rules of fair dealing, the Canadian Copyright Act or UNB Copyright Policy please contact UNB Libraries Copyright Officer.  Information about materials that may be licensed for use for UNB employees should be directed to UNB Communications and Marketing.