CMS Documentation & Guides

User Guide & Instruction Manual

The user guide provides an in-depth overview of basic functionalities of the CMS including topics such as creating a new page, editing content, and publishing.  Download the manual.

Updated (2016) User Guide & Instruction Manual for refreshed websites

This user guide includes all of the information about using the CMS, but also includes the information specific to the modules and layout for rebranded websites (2016+)  Download the manual.

Blog & Wordpress Instruction Manual

The manual provides an overview of basic functionalities for the CMS and Wordpress.  Download the manual.

Web Style Guide

This guide was created in conjunction with Communications and Marketing and provides you with a set of guidelines, rules, and examples that will improve the overall look of your website.  It includes topics such as writing tips, proper UNB building names, and appropriate use of headers (page elements).  Download the guide.

Model Release Form

A signed model release form is mandatory for any photo with identifiable individuals used on our site.  Download the form.