Billing Information

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Accessing your VoIP phone bill

•   Go to your myUNB Portal > eServices (located in the Portal Quick Launch menu) > Telephone tab > Phone Bills

For most faculty and staff with basic VoIP telephone service, your bill will be similar to the image below. Note: long distance charges still apply at UNB's previously negotiated Bell Aliant rate. Please review your VoIP telephone bill and contact us as soon as possible if you notice any discrepancies so they can be corrected.

VoIP phone bill example

Long distance charges

VoIP does not eliminate long distance charges. UNB's previous Bell Aliant long distance rates still apply.

VoIP charges compared to Bell Aliant charges

A comparison of VoIP charges vs Aliant's

Costs and savings associated with VoIP

Monthly Cost per Single Telephone Line
VoIP Cost Previous Bell Aliant Cost Savings with VoIP
Years 0-6 $27.60 $32.51 $4.91
Year 7 + $23.40++ $32.51 $9.11
VoIP services include: single line, voicemail, integrated voice and email, basic features (caller ID, call forwarding, etc.).

Additional VoIP costs-savings details:

  • Not all previous Bell Aliant phone lines subscribed to voicemail, so overall savings will be slightly less when this is factored in; 65% of previous single lines had a voicemail subscription.
  • Long distance charges still apply.
  • A VoIP application can be installed on a computer, allowing users to use their laptop/desktop computer as their phone (with appropriate headset). Single line charges will apply.
  • Single line costs can change due to inflation, overhead costs, etc.
  • HST does not apply to services delivered internally.
  • A VoIP desk phone is a quarter to a third of the monthly cost of a cell/smart phone.
  • Move/Add/Change charges are largely eliminated.
  • First VoIP desk phone is provided at no additional cost.

 *Assuming your new office is wired with an appropriate network drop.

**Choice of telephone will be limited to ITS-supported models.

++Capital costs no longer being recovered year 7 and on.