VPN Instructions for iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad

In order to use UNB's VPN on the iPod Touch, iPad or iPhone, you must download the free Junos Pulse App from the Apple App Store.

1. Search for Junos Pulse in the Apple App Store then click on it.

step 1

2. This App is free!

step 2

3. Click 'Free' then the 'Install App' button.

step 3

4. Click the Junos Pulse App on your device to launch.

step 4

5. Scroll to the bottom of the Terms of Use and click 'Accept'.

step 5

6. Click 'Enable'.

step 6

7. Select 'Configuration'.

step 7

8. Give the connection a name (e.g. UNB VPN) and enter the URL 'https://vpn.unb.ca' then click 'Save'. The configuration is now set.

step 8

9. Select the configuration you just created. When prompted, enter your UNB Username and Password then click 'Sign in'.

step 9

11. You are now connected to UNB's VPN.