Setup Outlook 2016 on your personal computer


The first time you open Microsoft Outlook 2016 you will be greeted with this window. Click Next.

Welcome to Outlook 2016 window

in the Account Setup window, select Yes and click Next.

Microsoft Outlook Account Setup window

Enter your name, UNB Email Address (your ) and your UNB Password and click Next.

Add Account Window in Outlook

Wait for Outlook to connect and retrieve your UNB email settings.

Add Account window

You will be prompted again to enter your UNB Password. Click the 'Remember my credentials' box and then click OK.

Windows Security window

Click Finish.

Add Account final window

When you start Outlook after your UNB email account has been added, the Outlook launch window will go through several different status messages in the bottom left corner. Once you see "Loading Profile" your mailbox will open soon after. First time laoding may take several minutes. 

Outlook launch window

After your mailbox has opened, it may take several more minutes for your email and calendar items to begin downloading. The status bar at the bottom of the window will indicate its progress. When it is complete, it will show "All folders are up to date".

Microsoft Outlook inbox