How long is UNB's photocopier lease?

UNB's lease agreement with Konica Minolta is for 60 months (5 years) starting on Nov. 1, 2015.

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I'm experiencing issues with my photocopier. What should I do?

If you experience any issues with your photocopier, please submit a service request to Konica Minolta:

Konica service response times: Average four (4) hour service response during normal business hours to resolve technical issues, with a one (1) hour call back by the technician.

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What information will I need to provide when placing a service call?

When ordering service or supplies, you must provide the following information:

  • Requestor name
  • Contact number
  • Delivery address
  • Device serial number
  • Konica OPS asset identification number (on device label)

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What kind of service calls are covered under UNB's photocopier agreement?

All hardware related failures will be covered, including:

  • paper jams
  • output issues
  • preventative maintenance

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What kind of service calls are not covered under UNB's photocopier agreement?

Service calls that will not be covered include:

  • Failure or damage to device resulting from the use of non-authorized supplies or options (i.e. Toner cartridges)
  • Acts of God (floods, ice storms, electrical brown outs)
  • Work performed outside defined business hours
  • Any equipment that is moved

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How much will my unit/department/faculty be charged for our copier? 

You will be billed monthly for each machine. This includes the lease for the machine, cost-per-copy (CPC), HST and a contract management fee ($15 per copier).

If you have a fax line included, it will be an additional $7.21.

An easy formula to follow is:

Lease cost + CPC + fax (optional) x HST + $15 = what you owe

Note: The $15 fee only applies to Fredericton.

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What is included in the lease & cost-per-copy (CPC) pricing?

All toner is included in the CPC pricing, other consumables such as staples and paper are not.

A box of staples (15,000 – 3 cartridges of 5,000 each) is $53 + tax.

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How do our consumables (toner, etc.) get refilled?

Toner will be monitored and fulfilled automatically. In the unlikely event that this doesn’t happen, you can order consumables using one of the following methods:

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Does my department need to order reserve toner to have on hand?

The Konica Minolta management system will actively monitor copier toner levels and will provide alerts when a predesigned level is reached, usually 18% - 20%.

When that toner level is reached, an automated toner order is placed and delivered to the location, usually within 5 business days.

It is not necessary for your department to have extra toner on hand, as the automated process will ensure you do not run out.

If a manual order is needed, please refer to The FAQ: How do our consumables (toner, etc.) get refilled?

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What is the process for returning empty toner cartridges back to Konica?

UNB departments can take advantage of the Konica Minolta Clean Planet Recycling Program for disposing of empty toner cartridges.

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What happens if I want to return my Multi-Function Device before the 5 year lease term is complete?

There would be a penalty fee owed to Konica for returning the device - that would be your monthly lease cost multiplied by the number of months left on your lease.

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