ITS Fredericton Lab Bookings

Labs Maintained by ITS

This policy is applicable to the following labs maintained by ITS:

  • Head Hall B17
    • Capacity: 20 students + 1 instructor
    • Projector available
  • Gillin Hall D117
    • Capacity: 9 students + 1 instructor 
    • Projector available
  • Gillin Hall D118
    • Capacity: 38 students (no instructor station available)
    • No projector available - please contact CETL to book if required

Terms of Reference

The following terms of reference apply to those using the instructional computing facilities maintained by ITS:

Instructor software choices must be compatible with the capabilities of existing hardware and the planned use must be compatible with the ongoing needs of the other users of the hardware. For instructional software it is particularly important that the planned use be well tested in the applicable computer lab and be sufficiently well documented so that ITS can administer the computer lab efficiently. Ensuring that these conditions are met is a shared responsibility, with ITS providing the technical expertise and information on other uses, and the proposer providing realistic projections and documentation about the proposed use.

Booking a Lab

All academic lab booking requests (tutorials, labs, etc.) must be made through the Registrar's Office. Lab bookings (tutorials, labs, etc.) should be made as soon as course times and lab requirements are known. Bookings for exams receive priority over other bookings.

All non-academic lab booking requests must be made through UNB Conference Services.

Special requirements related to the use of the labs, such as course folder creation, software installation requests and/or specific lab assignment requests, must be submitted to the UNB IT Service Desk prior to the booking.

Limitations for Scheduled Use of Computer Labs

Booking of ITS computers labs for the next academic year (September 1st) begin in March. All bookings are subject to the following conditions.

General Conditions

  • Bookings not requiring special software or any ITS involvement (e.g. accounts, room preparation, etc…) may be booked no later than one (1) week prior to the required date.
  • Bookings requiring special software or other ITS involvement may be booked no later than two (2) weeks prior to the required date.
  • Each term you can request up to ten (10) bookings for a maximum of thirty (30) hours in any of the labs.
  • All bookings are on a “first-come, first-serve” basis after the priority bookings.
  • At no point can all three labs (GD118, GD117, and HB17) be booked at the same time. One lab must be open for general student use.
  • Requests for special software (ie: software not normally available in the lab) should be submitted through the New Lab Software Request form.
  • A charge may be necessary for special requirements above and beyond the resources and/or capabilities of ITS. This is at the discretion of ITS. 
  • At the time of your booking:
    • Ask anyone present in the room to leave (your preference)
    • Obtain projector remote from ITS (if applicable)
    • Log in on a computer and test the software you will be using (if applicable)
    • An instructor or teaching assistant must be present during the booked lab
    • No food or open beverages are permitted in the lab
    • Advise the IT Service Desk of any problems or concerns

Priority Booking Conditions (Faculty of Engineering)

The following conditions are specific to the Faculty of Engineering whereas ITS has entered a ‘priority booking’ agreement under the following terms:

  • Priority will be given to the Faculty of Engineering for booking labs for the following courses: ENGG1003 and ME1312.
  • It will be the responsibility for the Faculty of Engineering to contact the Registrar's Office regarding these bookings. Failure to do so will result in the standard booking policy of “first-come, first-serve”.
  • When bookings for the above courses are received, software requirements must be communicated to ITS. Actual software and its associated components (e.g. documentation and licensing information) must be made available to ITS by July 15th (as per the “Software Installations and Compatibility” section below.
  • ITS will allow the Faculty of Engineering to book labs to meet the enrollment of the following two (2) courses:
Course NameBooking Requirements (Example)
Sept. - Dec. : ENGG1003 HB17 & GD118: 2:30-5:20 daily for 4 weeks
Software requirements: Sketchup & SolidEdge
Jan. - Apr. : ME1312 HB17: Wed and Thurs, 2:30-5:20 all term
Software requirements: Unigraphics
  • To accommodate the course enrollment, bookings for ENGG1003 and ME1312 have no time constraints, but must be reasonable.
  • HB17 will be the “preferred’ lab to use for these bookings, although as necessary GD118 and GD117 may be booked as well to meet course demands.
  • For all other Faculty of Engineering courses, the General Conditions section above is applicable.

Software Installations and Compatibility

If you have not previously used the computing application you propose to use on the lab computers, please complete the Software Request Form so ITS can determine whether the application is compatible with the lab environment. Due to the unique and sophisticated nature of the Windows configuration in the labs (implemented for reasons of security, reliability and speed), ITS primarily installs all software on the network for the required lab. It is the instructor's responsibility to test the course files, data, and software to ensure they function as expected prior to the booking time.

For additional software related information, please refer to the Lab Software Installation and Requirements Policy.

Student Access to the L: , H: Drives from outside the Labs

Any files placed on the course L: drive or student home H: drive in the labs is available to students and instructors using their lab accounts and a browser via myFiles (accessed through the myUNB Portal).

Limitation of ITS

ITS is not responsible for disruptions beyond their reasonable control such as computer hardware problems, power outages, network connectivity issues, or other room problems (e.g. flooding, power, etc…). All bookings and their associated conditions and guidelines are at the discretion of ITS.