UNB’s New Virtual Private Network (VPN)

This fall, UNB’s current Virtual Private Network (VPN), Pulse Secure, is being replaced with a new VPN solution – FortiClient.

When will the new VPN be available?

Faculty, staff and students will be able to access the new VPN (FortiClient) starting Oct. 30.

How do I access the new VPN?

You must download FortiClient on your device.

Download instructions

Once you have FortiClient downloaded (this is a one time step), simply open FortiClient on your device and log in using your UNB login ID and password to connect.

What is a VPN?

UNB’s Virtual Private Network (or VPN for short) provides faculty, staff and students with secure access to the UNB network over the internet, so you can access secure UNB IT services and files even when you’re not on campus.

Why should I use UNB’s VPN?

  • It’s secure – UNB's VPN adds an extra layer of security to your Wi-Fi connections, making it harder for hackers and cybercriminals to gain access to your device, accounts and information.
  • It’s convenient – Once you have the VPN client downloaded (this is a one-time step), connecting is easy – just enter your UNB login ID and password and you’ll have access to UNB IT resources just as if you were on campus.
  • It’s free –You can use UNB’s secure VPN for free on all your devices as long as you are a faculty, staff or student at UNB.

When should I connect to the VPN?

  • Colleague and Informer users (see additional details): 
    • As soon as you connect to Wi-Fi on or off campus. This will help ensure you can access Colleague and Informer without interruption during meetings, video conferences, etc. 
  • All faculty, staff and students:
    • Anytime you need to access secure UNB files or services from off campus.
    • Anytime you’re connected to public Wi-Fi (even if you don’t need to access secure UNB files or services). These networks are often unsecure, so connecting to the VPN will help keep your device and personal information safe.

Why is the old VPN being replaced?

UNB’s old VPN (Pulse Secure) has reached its end of life. The new VPN (FortiClient) uses newer technology that is much more reliable, stable and secure.

When will the old VPN stop working?

UNB's Pulse Secure VPN is being shut down on Nov. 27, 2019. After this date, the Pulse Secure desktop client, mobile app and web app (accessed via the myUNB Portal) will no longer be available.

Using the new VPN to access Colleague and Informer 

Starting Oct. 30, when accessing Colleague (UNB's enterprise resource planning (ERP) system) and Informer (UNB's reporting tool) from off campus or using eduroam (UNB's Wi-Fi) on campus, you'll need to first connect to the new VPN.

Note: you'll still be able to access Colleague and Informer directly when using UNB's wired network - no need to connect to the VPN first.

Why make these changes for Colleague and Informer?

Enhanced security. The new VPN adds an extra layer of security when connecting to Colleague and Informer via Wi-Fi. This will help protect confidential UNB data housed in Colleague and Informer from cybersecurity threats.


Please contact the IT Service Desk.