New campus telephone services

This winter, UNB’s current VoIP* telephone services are being replaced with new VoIP technology that fully integrates with Microsoft Teams (UNB’s group chat software).

*UNB’s telephone services run over a computer network rather than a traditional phone line. This is known as Voice over Internet Protocol, or VoIP for short.

Why is this necessary?

Our current VoIP technology has an end-of-life of June 2020. We must have a new solution in place before this date to ensure continued phone services for the university.

Attend a campus town hall

Faculty and staff are invited to attend a town hall this November for important updates on the coming changes to UNB’s telephone services and voicemail.

What are the benefits of the new telephone services?

  • reduce costs for the university
  • integration with UNB Office 365 (O365) services
  • wide range of new features not available with our current VoIP solution
  • place/receive calls from anywhere, on any device
  • and more

Will I need a new phone?

Yes. UNB’s current phone models don’t work with the new VoIP technology and will need to be replaced. 

Will I be required to use Teams?

No. Depending on your computer/device setup and the telephone features you want, you can choose to use:

  • A new VoIP phone only – On their own, the new VoIP phones work similarly to the phones we have today – you can place/receive calls with individuals on or off campus, connect a headset, access and manage voicemail, etc.
  • A new VoIP phone and Teams together – If desired, you can switch between your new VoIP phone and Teams on your computer or mobile device (headset required) to take advantage of a wide range of features.
  • Teams only – If your UNB computer and/or mobile device is compatible with Teams, you can use the Teams desktop or mobile app to place/receive voice and video calls from anywhere. This option will require the use of a headset.

More details on features of the new VoIP telephones and Teams, including how-to instructions, will be available soon – stay tuned.

Project update – where are we now?

What we’ve done so far

  • Conducted a survey for faculty and staff to provide feedback and input on UNB’s current and future telephone services (see the survey results)
  • Hosted focus groups with faculty and staff to gather additional questions, concerns and input.
  • Compiled and analyzed additional data on how UNB uses telephone services today.
  • Setup and tested behind-the-scenes technology needed to support our future telephone services.
  • Issued a request for quote (RFQ) for new VoIP telephones.
  • Hosted campus town halls for faculty and staff to learn more about the new telephone services. Watch the video recordings (login required).

Still to come

In the coming weeks, ITS will work closely with departmental proxies and Level 1s to gather details on each faculty and department’s telephone needs and develop a schedule for rolling out the new telephones across campus.

Once telephones are purchased and tested, we’ll also develop training materials to ensure you have the resources you need to start using your new phone and/or Teams.

Specific details, timelines and training materials will be shared as they become available – stay tuned.


Please see our FAQ for more information. If you have any questions, contact the IT Service Desk.