UNB IT Service Desk Project

Over the past few months, ITS and ISS have been transforming how we provide technical support at UNB.

Why are we doing this?

Our goal is to improve your experience when you need IT help, whether via email, phone, or in person.

What has changed?

  • New: Track your requests
    Click the 'Request Tracking' link in your myUNB Portal launch menu to:
    • see the latest updates on your request(s)
    • add or review details
    • add or view a file attachment
    • add another email contact


  • Our name – UNB IT Service Desk
    Our Help Desks (UNBF & UNBSJ) and Student Help Desk (UNBSJ) are all now known as the UNB IT Service Desk. Any communications you receive from us moving forward will display this new name.

    Note: Our previously announced new name (UNB Service Desk) was updated to UNB IT Service Desk to avoid any confusion with UNB’s upcoming centralized student service desk initiative.

  • Our email
    You can now email us at our new email address, itservicedesk@unb.ca. Our other email addresses (servicedesk@unb.ca, helpdesk@unb.ca, studenthelpdesk@unbsj.ca, helpline@unbsj.ca, solutions@unb.ca ) will continue to work for now, but we recommend you start using itservicedesk@unb.ca.

  • Our phone number(s)

• 2222 (on-campus)
• 457-2222 (Fredericton)
• 657-2222 (Saint John)

Regardless of which campus you are on, you can now dial 2222 from your VoIP phone and you will be automatically routed to the appropriate IT Service Desk location. Don’t worry, our previous phone numbers (453-5199, 648-5555 & 648-5710) will continue to work for the time being but you should update your contact lists with our new number.

  • Our ticket workspace
    All ITS and ISS staff are now working in the same ticket workspace to allow for easy and improved collaboration on your requests.

    Emails sent to itservicedesk@unb.ca will be automatically assigned to the appropriate campus and staff.

  • Our resolution times
    Throughout the summer, our front line staff have been given new accesses and training to resolve more issues on the spot instead of needing the assistance of other technical staff. This means you can expect to see improved resolution times starting this fall.

  • Our status updates on your requests
    With our new consolidated ticket workspace, you now receive timely and informative status updates via email as we work on your ticket.

  • Our staffing during business hours
    Only our full time staff will be working the IT Service Desk during regular business hours. Student staff will be used for after-hour support with full time staff on call when needed.

What is not changing?

  • Our locations (HIL, HWK Commons & Hazen Hall 3rd floor)
  • Our walk-up support hours
  • Our websites (unb.ca/its and unb.ca/saintjohn/iss )


If you have any questions, please contact us.