Network Access Control (NAC) Deployment

Starting summer 2018, ITS will be deploying Network Access Control (NAC) to UNB faculty and staff Windows computers (laptops and desktops) on a department by department basis.

What is Network Access Control (NAC)?

NAC is a means of network security that allows us to compartmentalize access to UNB’s network, devices and data on a department by department basis so only the appropriate people have access to the appropriate information and resources at UNB.

Why is this necessary?

Implementing NAC will greatly enhance and improve UNB’s network security so we’re better defended from cybersecurity threats, as well as help protect your UNB account and devices from unauthorized access.

How does this impact me?

Once your department has been migrated to the NAC environment:

  • You’ll no longer be able to log in to Windows computers belonging to other departments (ex: if you work in Human Resources, you won’t be able to access a computer belonging to Financial Services).
  • If you allow others from outside your department to log in to your UNB Windows computer (ex: your child with their own UNB account; colleagues from other UNB departments), they will no longer be able to log in.

Exceptions – you’ll still be able to log in to:

  • Your own UNB computer from anywhere on all UNB campuses (you won’t need to be physically located in your department to have access)
  • Other computers belonging to your own department
  • Lab computers and kiosks
  • Conference room computers (provided they have been identified as public by the department who owns them)
  • Other UNB computers, if required for your job (ex: if you work in multiple departments, Level 1s and select ITS and PCS staff, etc.) 

When is this happening?

NAC will be deployed to departments one at a time, beginning with those with access to highly sensitive and confidential UNB data.

We’ll be contacting each department to find the most convenient migration date.

Is there anything I need to do to prepare for NAC?

No – you shouldn’t notice any changes to your computer before or after NAC.

In the unlikely event you’re unable to log in to your computer after NAC is deployed in your department, please contact the IT Service Desk.

What about Macs?

UNB’s current NAC solution is for Windows computers only. We’re investigating NAC solutions for Mac and will share details as they become available.


Please contact the IT Service Desk.