Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is Access Manager?

Access Manager is a new software system that allows individuals to request new, or modify existing, accesses to various UNB IT systems and applications.

How do I access the system?

Log in to the myUNB Portal and select ‘Access Manager’ from the Launch Menu. This will automatically log you into the system.

How do I logout of the system?

For security purposes, you must close all active browser windows to successfully log out of Access Manager.

What is an 'Access'?

An Access simply refers to any IT service or system used by individuals or groups at UNB. Accesses range from list servs (ex: deanserv), to secure departmental websites (ex: Wiki pages), to systems like the Cascade Content Management System (CMS).

How does this change the current procedure for requesting access?

Instead of contacting various individuals about gaining access to a certain system, you now log into one place to review/request access to all UNB IT systems and applications. For those systems that require approval of a supervisor, you will need to have them request the access on your behalf.

All IT accesses now have to be renewed at least once annually, but accesses for various systems and applications can be granted for a period less than one year (for short –term employees and guests). As accesses come up for renewal a reminder email will be sent automatically to those that approve access, as well as the individual whose access is expiring.

Best Practice: Supervisors should set the majority of accesses for an individual to expire on the same date; by doing so this will ensure minimal impact to your workload.

Can Departmental Proxies and Level 1's continue to request access on behalf of employees?

No, as of August 6th, 2014 departmental proxies and level 1’s will no longer be able to request access for employees.

In certain circumstances an individual may request an access on their own behalf, however in most circumstances the individual’s supervisor (or alternate supervisor) will need to request access on their behalf. There are also circumstances where Portfolio/Envelope Management may be the only one authorized to request the access.

When will I know if I have an access set to expire?

When you log into Access Manager, any accesses set to expire within 30 days will be identified with an exclamation symbol at the top of the access listing.

 Exclamation symbol indicating an upcoming access expiry

You and your Supervisors (primary and alternate) will also receive a reminder email and notification in your myUNB Portal Notification area informing you of any accesses coming up for renewal within 30 days.

What happens if accesses are not renewed within the 30-day period?

If accesses are not renewed within the 30 days, they will be removed. There are no exceptions. 

Important:  ITS cannot guarantee any late or last minute requests for accesses to be extended will be processed prior to the accesses being removed (i.e. requests received the day before the accesses are set to expire). If the request is not processed, accesses will be removed. Please submit requests as soon as possible to ensure enough time for processing.

I can see the accesses of an employee I do not recognize or who I no longer manage. Why is this happening?

This can occur when someone retires, leaves a department, or an organizational structure changes and the data on their record is not updated. Note this is an error with the data, not the system itself; Access Manager is still functioning as it should and simply recognizing an individual associated with your department.

ITS is not authorized to make changes to this data, however we can help determine which department (Human Resources, Financial Services, etc.) you need to work with to have it corrected.  If you require assistance please contact the IT Service Desk.