ITS Scent Reduction Policy


To promote a safe and healthy working environment for all ITS employees.


Applies to all ITS staff and student employees in ITS work environments located on the Fredericton campus; Wasson Computing Centre in Head Hall and all Imaging Services locations.


For the purposes of this policy a scent-free product is defined as a product labeled unscented, scent-free or fragrance-free by the manufacturer.  A scent-reduced product is defined as a product having minimal scent, labeled 'hypo-allergenic' or 'for sensitive skin'. ITS employees refer to full-time, part-time and student employees of ITS.


ITS employees and the ITS department will use scent-reduced or scent-free products, if available, in ITS work environments located on the Fredericton campus.

Employer Responsibilities

  1. Implement a scent reduction awareness program for ITS employees.
  2. Work with Department of Facilities Management to implement use of scent-free or scent-reduced cleaning products within the Wasson Computing Centre.
  3. Take reasonable steps to educate visiting guests, faculty, staff and students on ITS' scent reduced environment.
  4. ITS will use scent-free or scent-reduced products when purchasing cleaning supplies not provided by Facilities Management.
  5. Work with affected employees to identify and implement reasonable physical or communication accommodations to enable them to continue to perform their job function and participate in departmental activities while minimizing their exposure to scents.
  6. Periodically review this policy and the awareness program to ensure currency with emerging information on the subject.

Employee Responsibilities

  • ITS employees will use scent-free personal hygiene and laundry products if available.
  • If scent-free products are not available, ITS employees will use scent-reduced products.
  • Affected employees will take the necessary steps to reduce exposure to scents and to prevent scent reactions.

Resolution Options

  • Direct - The affected ITS employee and the ITS employee identified as potentially not in compliance with this policy work together to try to resolve the complaint.
  • Assisted - The affected ITS employee or the ITS employee identified as potentially in non-compliance request the assistance of their manager or director in mediating a resolution to the complaint.
  • Written - An affected ITS employee can submit a written complaint to the Associate VP-ITS.

Policy Contact

Terry Nikkel
Associate VP - ITS

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