Transformative Teaching

Engaging Students through Excellent Teaching

"At UNB we are proud of our tradition of teaching excellence. The passion and energy of just a few of our excellent professors have been captured in this new video series. Transformative teaching means something different to each professor, but all are deeply committed to their students.

The video series highlights how University of New Brunswick professors make a difference transforming student lives through excellent teaching."

Tony Secco, VP Academic (Fredericton)

Video Series Background

This video series has been produced by the creative team at Media Services, in the Centre for Enhanced Teaching and Learning (CETL) at UNB Fredericton. For more information about the series, its development, future plans, and any other details, please contact Joy Cummings, Director of Media Services. Media inquiries should be directed to Natalie Montgomery, UNB Communications and Marketing.

Other Initiatives

Many other teaching and learning initiatives are happening at UNB. 
Contact CETL in Fredericton, and VPETC/TLC in Saint John for the latest.

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