Monitoring and reporting

climate change monitoring and reporting

UNB Sustainability monitors and reports its targets and strategies and plans on releasing a mid-point review of the actions completed and the remaining tasks while outlining a path forward.

At the conclusion of the plan, a final report will outline the successes within the plan and UNB Sustainability will release a new plan to guide UNB to the 2050 carbon neutral goal.

Key performance indicators (KPIs)

The KPI reported to the Climate Change Action Plan Committee provide an update on the progress towards meeting strategies and actions. They are aligned with the overall target of the institution.

UNB's greenhouse gas emissions (in tonnes of CO2e) will be reported to the Climate Change Action Plan Committee once a year.

Progress report on strategies and actions will be reported to the CCAP committee at the midway point and at completion in 2025.

The Climate Change Action Plan Committee plays a major role in the monitoring of UNB Sustainability’s progress towards achieving the outlined strategies and goals. They will continue to meet three to four times per year, assessing progress and giving strategic guidance when necessary.