Strategic planning 

The University of New Brunswick is currently engaged in developing our next Strategic Plan.

Thank you to those who participated in Phase One of UNB’s Strategic Planning process. We heard from more than 2000 people through our direct consultation, intercept conversations, community conversation sessions and our survey.

We are very pleased to see so many of our community members take advantage of this opportunity to shape the future of our university and we encourage you to engage in the strategic planning process now and over the course of the coming year.

A summary report of what we heard during phase one has been developed from the information we’ve gathered. We’re currently seeking feedback from our community on the report and the proposed position paper topics.

Provide Feedback

For more information on UNB’s strategic planning process, we encourage you to email

Guiding principles

Collegial, collaborative conversations

The strategic planning process will include broad, meaningful consultation with the community.

  • Themes, ideas, priorities and goals will be established based on community conversations and feedback.
  • Community members are encouraged to actively engage in the process at all stages of planning.
  • Open debate, collegial conversations, idea-sharing, collaboration, and keeping an open mind about the ideas brought forward by colleagues will improve the results of the planning process.

Transparent communication and decision-making

The steering committee will commit to transparency throughout the planning process.

  • Information will be shared at regular intervals on this website, through our governing bodies, with relevant committees and groups, and with the UNB community.

An integrated plan

Since the 2010 strategic plan, we have engaged in planning work in a variety of areas across the university. That work will be considered in developing the next strategic plan.

Examples include:

  • academic planning document;
  • strategic research plan;
  • administrative review;
  • results of the Why UNB? brand research project;
  • work done by the equity working group; and
  • work related to strategic enrolment management.

Task force membership

A strategic planning task force made up of 27 members will oversee and direct the strategic planning process.



Chair of Strategic Planning Steering Committee

Vice-President Academic (Fredericton)

George MacLean

Vice-President Saint John

Petra Hauf

Vice-President Administration & Finance

Karen Cunningham

Vice-President Research

David MaGee

Vice-President Advancement

Bob Skillen

Associate Vice-President Saint John

Laurelle LeVert

Associate Vice-President Academic (Learning Environment)

Kathy Wilson

Human Rights & Positive Environment Officer

Sula Levesque

Piluwitahasuwin (AVP Indigenous Engagement)

Amanda Reid Rogers

Saint John Senate - 1 elected faculty rep (Senator)

Greg Fleet (Faculty of Business)


Saint John  Senate - 1 faculty member at large (non-Senator)

JP Lewis (Faculty of Arts)


Fredericton Senate - 1 elected faculty rep (Senator)

Jonathon Edwards (Faculty of Kinesiology)

Fredericton  Senate - 1 faculty member at large (non-Senator)

Alyssa Sankey (Faculty of Science)

Board of Governors representative

Hans Klohn

Board of Governors representative

Jennifer Sutherland Green

Student Union - representative

Grace Mangusso


Students’ Representative Council-  representative

Patrick Hickey

Graduate Student Association – representative

Khaleel Arfeen 

Dean – Fredericton

Drew Rendall (School of Graduate Studies)

Dean – Saint John

Michael van Zyll de jong (Faculty of Science, Applied Science, and Engineering)

Director – Fredericton 

Mark Walma (Student Services)

Director – Saint John

Kevin Simpson (Facilities Management)

Alumni Council - representative

Mary Goggin

Faculty - President's appointee (Fredericton)

Jane Thomson (Faculty of Law)

Faculty - President's appointee (Saint John)


Lisa Best (Faculty of Science, Applied Science, and Engineering)

Staff - President's appointee (Fredericton)

Sara Connell (Human Resources)

Staff - President's appointee (Saint John)

Heather Finkle (Finance)

Staff Support to Steering Committee

Sarah DeVarenne, University Secretary

Sonya Gilks, Director Communications Michelle McNeil, Director & Advisor

Terms of reference

The task force’s responsibilities include:

  • defining goals, outcomes, planning process, and organizational structure related to the planning process;
  • monitoring the ongoing planning process and determining corrections and adaptations that may be necessary;
  • ensuring the process achieves defined goals, outcomes, and deadlines;
  • establishing working groups and their substantive areas of planning;
  • reviewing the reports of the strategic planning working groups;
  • reporting regularly to the senates and board on the progress of strategic planning and communicating to the university community; and
  • vetting the final written strategic plan and implementation plans before they go forward for approval by the senates and the board

For more information

Contact us at or 506-458-7549.