UNB researchers weigh in on Shale Gas development

Watch video from a conference on shale gas exploration in New Brunswick hosted by UNB and the Universite de Moncton. 

The debate surrounding the development of shale gas has engaged citizens, their governments, and various interest groups across North America over recent months. New Brunswick is no exception.

Natural gas drilling rig, courtesy of Flickr. Creative Commons License.

Given its research capacity and expertise related to this subject, the University of New Brunswick felt that the time was right for the institution to engage in this ongoing public dialogue.

As a result, an opinion piece entitled Potential Impact of Shale Gas Exploitation on Water Resources is presented below by the following UNB researchers: Dr. Tom Al and Dr. Karl Butler 
from the Department of Earth Sciences, Dr. Rick Cunjak 
from the Department of Biology and Faculty of Forestry and Environmental Management, and Dr. Kerry MacQuarrie 
from the Department of Civil Engineering.

The purpose of this opinion piece is to provide objective and unbiased information that will ultimately inform the broader shale gas debate in New Brunswick. 

All universities have two broad mandates: educating minds of all ages and conducting research that leads to societal advances. In entering the shale gas dialogue, UNB is honouring this double commitment by generating and distributing knowledge pertaining to this issue for the benefit of our provincial community.

We encourage you to download the opinion piece linked below and to share it with friends and colleagues. Should you have any comments or questions, or should you wish to contact the authors, requests can be submitted through the form provided below. 

Download the opinion piece.