Experience university dorm life

You will be staying in Lady Dunn Hall and Tibbits Hall in the Dunn-Kidd-Tibbits (DKT) Complex. You will be sharing your room with one other person for the four weeks. There are separate gender wings and separate gender bathrooms. There is no telephone in your room, but there are pay phones in the building.

A calling card (or cell phone) would be most convenient for calling home. There will be a message board so that the staff and faculty can call your attention to various things of importance, and you can leave messages for your fellow SHADs. Find out where the board is once you arrive, and check it often!

As you can imagine, planning a food menu for 68 SHADs plus all the live-in staff is a challenge. We make every effort to cater to different dietary restrictions and food allergies. These things must be planned ahead, thus it is to everyone’s benefit to let us know if you have a particular food allergy or dietary restrictions due to religious practice or personal choice.

If these restrictions are allergy related, please supply us with your complete medical background, Medicare number, and health plan details. The more information we have, the easier it will be to handle any situation that may arise.

Your postal address while at SHAD

Attn: [Student Name]
20 Bailey Drive
Fredericton, NB
E3B 5A3

We encourage you to call home often (remember to bring your calling card or cell phone) to let everyone know how you are and how much fun you are having! There is a payphone in Tibbits Hall for you to place calls.

About campus

Lady Dunn and Tibbits Hall are the residences in which you will be staying. Lady Dunn Hall and Tibbits Hall are connected and are buildings number 40 and 64 respectively, on this map. Like most of Fredericton, the UNB campus is built on a hill. The Lady Beaverbrook Gym is at the bottom of the hill, and the Aitken Center is at the top of the hill.

UNB was established in 1785. UNB is among the oldest public universities in North America and is the oldest English-language University in Canada. The two main campuses are located in Fredericton and Saint John. The Fredericton Campus is comprised of 11 faculties: arts, business administration, computer science, education, engineering, forestry and environmental management, law, nursing, Renaissance College and science. UNB has more than 75 undergraduate and graduate programs. The Saint John Campus is comprised of three faculties: Arts, Business and Science, Applied Science & Engineering.

Some neat facts about UNB:

  • The Faculty of Computer Science (FCS), Fredericton Campus, was the first computer science faculty in Canada.
  • UNB offered Canada's first university-level engineering program, established in 1855, and the first engineers graduating in 1857.
  • The first astronomical observatory in Canada, the Brydone-Jack observatory, is on the Fredericton campus; it was first operational in 1851. Because of the work done at this observatory, Fredericton was the first location in Canada to have its longitude accurately determined.
  • UNB’s faculty of law ranks among the top five in Canada (Canadian Lawyer Magazine).
  • UNB’s Planetary Space Science Centre is the only NASA-supported planetary imaging facility in Canada.
  • The UNB MRI Centre is one of the largest and best known material science magnetic resonance imaging labs in the world.
  • Google Earth uses technology developed by UNB geodesy and geomatics engineering researchers.
  • UNB’s Institute of Biomedical Engineering is a world-renowned research facility in biomedical engineering and one of the oldest solely dedicated to this field.
  • Close to 75 per cent of university research in New Brunswick happens at UNB.
  • UNB’s Canadian Rivers Institute works to make our rivers clean and safe.
  • UNB’s Centre for Coastal Studies and Aquaculture does work in Canada, the Caribbean, the UK, the Mediterranean, South America, Australia and Antarctica.
  • UNB’s Gregg Centre for the Study of War and Society is helping the world understand modern-day conflicts.  It is one of the few research institutes in Canada and the U.S. studying the role of climate change in current and future conflicts.

About the city

Fredericton is home to the main campus of the University of New Brunswick, as well as Saint Thomas University. UNB's other campus is located in Saint John. Fredericton is the capital city of New Brunswick, and was named one of the cultural capitals of Canada for 2009. Fredericton is located in the Atlantic Standard Time Zone (GMT -4). Fredericton is proud to be an officially bilingual city, supporting both national languages.

Fredericton has been surveyed by Google Maps' Street View team, so feel free to explore here.