Optical Fibre Systems Laboratory (OFSL)

The Purpose of the OFSL

The purpose of the OFSL is to facilitate research in fibre-optic based systems.  Funding to create the OFSL was provided from October 1, 2002 to March 31, 2005 at a total value of $1,804,901.00.  The following text is from the proposal which was submitted on March 31, 2002 to the Canada Foundation for Innovation.

The philosophy of the laboratory is that the equipment shall be available for researchers and their collaborators throughout UNB.  This includes, but is not limited to, the Departments of Physics, Electrical and Computer Engineering and Civil Engineering.

An aspect of this Optical Fibre Systems Laboratory for the University of New Brunswick is that the infrastructure be used for all researchers working in the area of fibre optics.  All use of the infrastructure will be handled by a board consisting of the proposal applicants. None of the equipment will be used without the approval of this board. For reasons of safety and security, use of the equipment will normally be within the designated laboratory. Exception may be made in the case of field experiments approved by the board. Sharing of the infrastructure among the researchers will be scheduled according to availability and urgency of the request.

The Investigators

Theodore W. Bremner, Department of Civil Engineering
Anthony W. Brown, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Bruce G. Colpitts, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Rajamani Doraiswami, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Brent R. Petersen, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Principal Investigator

The Sponsors

Aliant Telecom, $600,000.00
Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency (ACOA), through the Regional Economic Development Agreement (REDA), $ 500,000.00
Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI), under the University Research Development Fund (URDF), $ 500,000.00


We list in alphabetical order, the people who have provided direct and indirect help in creating this laboratory,
Karen Annett,
Prof. Xiaoyi Bao,
Kellie A. S. Brown
Dale Case, Aliant Telecom,
Prof. Liang Chen,
Dr. Robert J. Davies, TRLabs,
Ellis H. M. Jagoe,
Gary Lund, Chief Technical Officer, from January 1, 2003, Aliant Telecom,
Curtis I. Howe, Chief Technical Officer, until December 31, 2002, Aliant Telecom,
Dr. Gregory S. Kealey, Vice-President (Research),
Lisa D. Lane, Aliant Telecom,
Terry Nason, Aliant Telecom,
Prof. J. Eugene Lewis and
Prof. Jack Vanderlinde.

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