Welcome to the Symposium

Building on the citizens' dialogue begun in Next New Brunswick, the St. Andrews Symposium, begun in 2007, is a deeper, more focused exploration of a topic of importance to the Province.

Conducted in the spirit of open-minded intellectual inquiry, this interdisciplinary conversation is designed to bring interested people together for two days each summer to exchange ideas and consider new directions that engage the context of the twenty-first century. Participants are invited to join the annual Symposium by University of New Brunswick President, John McLaughlin.

In August 2007, the St. Andrews Symposium focused on New Brunswick Culture and Identity. In August 2008, the St. Andrews Symposium focused on the Bay of Fundy, a Maritime treasure that was designated a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve in September 2007.  In 2009, the topic was small communities in a globalizing society, of particular importance to the Province in these challenging economic times.

"In this and virtually every other culture, a university represents knowledge and enlightenment. We are a repository for cultural values and we can be an instrument of reform. In our commitment to truth, we can and should challenge the status quo." - John McLaughlin, President, University of New Brunswick