Next NB/Avenir NB was built upon three pillars:

1. Inspire new stories

Between February 2004 and May 2005 Next NB/Avenir NB released nine discussion papers and hosted 16 public roundtables to discuss community-based solutions for New Brunswick's challenges.

2. Involve new voices

This groundwork in public policy analysis naturally feeds into the second tenet of Next NB/Avenir NB's philosophy, that of empowering citizens to take on leadership roles. In October 2004, Next NB/Avenir NB launched a province-wide search for the next generation of leaders, people between the ages of 20 and 35. During the last week of April 2005, the Leaders toured New Brunswick's five regions, where they met and exchanged ideas with business, political, cultural and community leaders.

3. Initiate new ideas

The SeaChange/Métamorphose Summit sought to foster a cross-cultural network of leaders because, in this increasingly complex world, New Brunswick will need a strategic plan that links together economic progress, social development and its core values.