Why is UNB a Millennial Dream university?

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UNB thrives on creativity, entrepreneurship and social innovation. There’s a reason we’re Canada’s Most Entrepreneurial University (Startup Canada, 2014). We've built an entrepreneurial and innovation network that gives students, faculty and partners the tools they need to create, grow and make change.

Experiential learning opportunities are sewn into every faculty at UNB. With a 16:1 faculty to student ratio, that means mentorship is too. 

We take time for each other and push each other to be better. We create opportunities for ourselves and others. And we make change happen. That's why UNB is a millennial university. 

The Millennial Dream

We're part of a movement in New Brunswick that believes in adapting for the future. We know that, increasingly, millennials want more than a university degree to get started and to get ahead. 

Filmmakers from Hemmings House have partnered with thought leaders and innovators in New Brunswick to create The Millennial Dream, a feature length documentary that explores the values that may replace the cultural motif known as "The American Dream". As the Millennial generation becomes the most significant portion of the work force, what will that mean for jobs, education and cities? And how can regions attract young people to this new economy? 

Blog: What makes UNB a Millennial Dream university?

Hear from a recent UNB grad about what he thinks makes UNB a Millennial Dream institution.

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Opportunities at UNB

Our experiential learning programs offer interdisciplinary degrees that tap into creativity, entrepreneurship and social innovation. Here are just a few reasons we're a Millennial Dream university.

Renaissance College

Leadership is key at Renaissance College. Small class sizes, discussion-based learning and mentoring relationships with faculty combined with leadership studies helps students foster strong academic development. 

Renaissance College is home to Canada's first accellerated degree in interdiciplinary leadership, helping students gain the knowledge, skills and abilities they need for careers in a wide variety of fields. The opportunity for learning is placed in students' hands through international internships, community organization projects and other experiential learning projects so they make a real and profound impact during their degree.

Diploma in Technology Management & Entrepreneurship

The Diploma in Technology Management & Entrepreneurship will give you essential skills in three core areas: business management, entrepreneurship and financial literacy. 

What we’re really all about is giving you the skillset to help you succeed, no matter what path you may follow: critical thinking, creativity, collaboration, and communication. These are the skills employers are looking for and the skills that will help you blaze your own trail in life.

Students receive hands-on learning by working with leaders in the field, like technical professionals with management and entrepreneurial experience who have been through it all.

You already know that technology rules the world – now it’s time for you to rule the world of technology.

Activator Program

Make your business ideas a reality with UNB's Activator programWorking with an actual start-up venture, you'll get valuable real world experience and the skills you need to launch your career.

Through the faculty of business administration, the courses teach students how to do market research, form a business plan, look into entrepreneurial finance and then pitch their ideas. The Activator program helps UNB students launch start-ups every year.

Pond-Deshpande Centre

The Pond-Deshpande Centre (PDC) is the bridge to advancing innovation and entrepreneurship in New Brunswick. Their role is to facilitate collaboration among entrepreneurs, emerging and aspiring companies, students, faculty and alumni.

The PDC creates learning and mentorship opportunities for aspiring innovators to provide them with a foundation in social entrepreneurship, give them the chance to get hands-on experience and explore their possibilities for success. They also serve as a resource for new entrepreneurs to help translate their ideas into companies, products or services.

The programming done through the PDC includes things like the Student Ambassador Program, YES Atlantic SummitBe.For.Change (B4C) Social Venture Accelerator, Changemaker Funding Program and NouLAB Social Innovation Labs