Mobile App Helps Learning

While many teachers lament the high use of cell phones among students, citing distracted students and poor participation, Karen Furlong, nursing instructor at UNB Saint John, has a different opinion on the use of mobile devices.

Responding to the significant rise in the use of technology in health-care, Furlong has identified mobile devices as a tool to help students learn to access, use and manage information.

For many of Furlong’s Bachelor of Nursing students, information is now just a few taps away. Instead of running to a book, they reach for their phones or tablet, to use an app known as Nursing Central. The app provides access to several quick reference guides, such as Davis’s Drug Guide and Taber’s Medical Dictionary. Prompt access to reliable information helps students provide comprehensive and evidence-informed nursing care.

The use of this app is part of a shift in the culture of teaching and learning. Instead of teaching students everything there is to know, students are taught how to learn, how to seek out and access new and reliable information. Furlong notes, “This is especially important in the health-care field, where the amount of information available is growing exponentially. It makes more sense for students to know how to access information and determine what is helpful and relevant.”

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