#DisruptED 2015

Planning is taking place now for a possible 2015 DisruptED half day mini-conference. Dates, speakers and schedule will be announced once the planning comes together. 

#DisruptED 2013

Peter Smith at #DisruptEd2013Speakers included UNB profs Barb Dowling, Greg Fleet, Sasha Mullaly, and Dean of Education Ann Sherman, as well as Rosie Redmond of the University of British Colombia. Speakers' topics highlighted their individual projects, which were all examples of innovation in the field of teaching. The overarching theme of the conference that innovation in education is driven not my technological advances, but the forward thinking mentalities of teachers, as well as adapting old ideas to new methods. In Ann Sherman's words, when the connection between teaching, leaning and technology is seamless, "everything becomes magical, even delightful."There is no longer such thing as business as usual in higher education, according to Peter Smith. Smith opened the DisruptED 2013 conference with this reality check. The DisruptED conference, held this past November, set out with the goals of raising awareness about changes rippling through higher education, to engage in a dialogue about how these changes affect the University of New Brunswick, to showcase several innovative and disruptive projects going on in the university community and to gather feedback from faculty and staff about the greatest challenges they see facing higher education.

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