Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What will I get for completing the Program?

A: See our recognition page for details!

Q: How can I show that I have been to an event or completed an activity?

A: Some things you can submit are:

  • a selfie 
  • a learning statement
  • a critical reflection
  • a signature from an event organizer
  • the product of the activity, e.g. your resume

Q: I signed up for the Program in D2L/Brightspace. How can I track my activities? 

A:  Check out our "how to" video tutorial

Q: I'm graduating this year, but I haven't finished the Program. What now?

A:  For graduating students leaving UNB
You may continue to submit activities to the Co-Curricular Program after your graduation ceremony (same year) to complete the program (until August 31 for May grads and December 31 for October grads). There could be a delay in the delivery of your certificate depending on the time that you complete the Program. Please ensure that your Campus Program Coordinator has your up-to-date mailing address in order to receive your certificate by mail.

For graduating students continuing at UNB in a new program
You can continue to participate in the Co-Curricular Program as usual while you are a student at UNB regardless of starting a new program. If you have questions, please contact your Campus Program Coordinator.