Career Development

Career Development involves exploring career options, crafting a plan for your future, and gaining meaningful experience to kick-start your career or entry into graduate and/or professional school.


Global and Cultural Awareness is the understanding of your place in the world as a global citizen. Engaging with diverse perspectives, values, cultures, environmental and social issues, and creative and artistic outlets fosters this awareness.

Personal Development

Personal Development is a life-long process of exploring and articulating your beliefs and values, identifying and enhancing your skills and abilities, and striving for personal balance: healthy mind, body and spirit.

Leadership & Entrepreneurship

Leadership & Entrepreneurship is about exploring and developing your leadership style, creating opportunities for yourself and others, and participating in meaningful leadership roles. You will learn to lead others, and lead with others, toward a common goal. 


Civic/Social Responsibility will challenge you to take on an active role in community life. Engaged citizens participate in democratic processes, seek to understand social issues, and make a difference in the community through social action.


Proudly UNB is all about discovering and enhancing your sense of belonging at UNB. You will be engaged and contribute to the spirit and purpose of our university.