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2013 is The Year of Energy and the Environment and currently has a compelling program of speakers, an informative course, and related activities

Our new venture addresses four primary aspects of energy and the environment:

  • An overview of energy uses and options.
  • An examination of the constraints that impinge on both energy and the environment, including social issues, economics and technology.
  • Identification of the criteria for what we value most.
  • An evaluation of the options—technology, policy, strategy—to meet goals based on these criteria. 

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Presented in collaboration with the Canadian Rivers InstituteRenaissance College, and No Limits, the Andrews Initiative provided a thought-provoking and stimulating year of lectures, conversations, readings, seminars and activities about the all-important subject of WATER.  

We looked at WATER from a range of perspectives, including the geo-political, scientific, historical, cultural, artistic, environmental, economic and sociological.  With prominent national and international speakers, as well as local experts, we examined the integral and intricate role WATER plays in our lives and the lives of Earth’s 7 billion people.

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2011, Our First Venture: Science and Spirituality in Contemporary Society

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