225 tool kit for UNB faculty and staff

Please note:  The following information on the 225 tool kit is for reference purposes only.

UNB is celebrating its 225 anniversary and everyone at UNB is invited to get involved.

The information and tools below will help you to integrate the 225th anniversary look, theme and messages into your materials, events and activities for 2010-11.

The look

The 225 visual identity builds on UNB's current brand and is available to the university community throughout the anniversary period (until the end of May 2011).

Use your UNB login and pin to access 225 logos and templates for: 

PowerPoint Presentations
Stationary (letterhead, envelopes, memos, fax covers)
Name badges
Place cards

The theme

The anniversary theme is A Celebration of Spirit.  It captures our desire to celebrate the dedication and spirit of the university's founders and builders, as well as the spirit of the UNB community today and its supporters — a spirit that will carry UNB into the future. 

A Celebration of Spirit is a salute our past accomplishments, our current success and our future possibilities, at UNB Fredericton, at UNB Saint John and at our satellite locations in New Brunswick and around the world.

The walk

Celebrate UNB's 225th by using the 225 look and messages.  Think about how you can reflect the spirit of UNB.  It doesn't have to cost anything. 

  • Hosting a guest speaker?  Be sure to let them know they are speaking during UNB's 225th so they have the opportunity to acknowledge the anniversary in their remarks.  
  • Organizing an event?  Whether it is big or small, think 225.  Use the anniversary templates for your invitations, posters, name badges and thank you letters.  
  • Printing a report or giving a PowerPoint presentation?  Get the look:  use the 225 templates.
  • Producing a publication?  Add the 225 logo to your cover and a 225 message to the editorial.

The talk

Giving a speech or a presentation?  Think 225: A Celebration of Spirit.  Recognize UNB's anniversary and keep these key messages in mind when shaping your remarks.  Select those that work best for your topic and audience.

  • A Celebration of Spirit is a celebration of UNB's past, present and future.
  • UNB is celebrating the dedication and spirit of its founders and builders as well as the spirit of the UNB community today and its supporters.
    • UNB's founders carved an institution of higher learning out of the New Brunswick wilderness.
    • UNB's builders, both historic and modern, have been men and women of vision who continue to inspire.
    • UNB's students, faculty and staff are making a significant difference at UNB, in their communities and around the world.
    • UNB's alumni - now more than 65,000 strong - are having an impact worldwide.
    • UNB's supporters are helping to secure the future of an institution they believe in.
  • Since its inception, the University of New Brunswick has contributed to the cultural, social and economic well-being of the province, the region and beyond.  Its impact today through scholarship, research and partnerships extends across Canada and around the globe.
  • UNB is one of the oldest public universities in North America.
  • UNB enrolls more than 12,500 students from over 100 countries on its campuses in Fredericton and Saint John, and at satellite locations around the world.
  • UNB is one of the top three comprehensive research universities in Canada and the largest research institution in New Brunswick.
  • As it marks its 225th anniversary, UNB is building upon its reputation as leading national university and educating the leaders of the future.

A Celebration of Spirit will come to life through the stories of UNB's past, present and future.  Throughout the celebration, the Our Stories section of the 225 website will feature stories on UNB's founders and builders, the men and women who made great strides while part of UNB; and the students, staff, faculty and alumni who are securing UNB's legacy for the future.  These are your stories too.  Retell them, borrow from them, or be inspired to tell your own UNB story.


If you have any questions or would like advice about how to incorporate 225 into your materials, events and activities, please contact Sandra Howland, UNB's 225th anniversary co-ordinator.