The strength of our people

During its 225th anniversary, the University of New Brunswick celebrated the dedication and spirit of its founders and builders as well as the spirit of the current UNB community and its supporters. UNB's story over the past 225 years is not one of bricks and mortar but of the thousands of talented people from around the world who each are part of the UNB family.

Our stories celebrate:

o    UNB’s founders who carved an institution of higher learning out of the New Brunswick wilderness;

o    UNB’s builders — both historic and modern — men and women of vision who continue to inspire;

o    UNB’s students, faculty and staff who are making a significant difference at UNB, in their communities and around the world;

o    UNB’s alumni — now more than 65,000 strong — who are having an impact worldwide; and

o    UNB’s supporters who are helping to secure the future of an institution they believe in.