History of Education in New Brunswick

A publication that has become a key reference on New Brunswick educational history, started out as a master's thesis.

Katherine MacNaughton earned a master of arts in history at UNB in 1945. Her thesis for the degree was expanded into a published version, The Development of the Theory and Practice of Education in New Brunswick, 1784-1900: A Study in Historical Background, which was released in 1947 by the university.  It was edited by Alfred G. Bailey, professor of history.

This publication has become a benchmark text in New Brunswick educational history, and continues to be a fount of information on the topic for scholars today.  As Ted Christoum, professor of education, points out, “[The work] has not been replaced, built upon, or extended; no comprehensive history of education in the province has been published since,” making it a valuable resource.

A new digital edition includes a full search function.  The text is available for online viewing, for download in PDF format, or as an e-pub version for use with e-book readers.  Several minor typographical errors have been corrected throughout the HTML version.

On the occasion of UNB's 225th anniversary, the UNB Electronic Text Centre is pleased to make a revised digital edition openly accessible to the UNB community and the wider world.  Visit http://etc.lib.unb.ca/educationhistory for the revised digital edition, a biography of Katherine MacNaughton and background information on the project.