A Celebration of Spirit

Sir Thomas Carleton and the original petition that led to the founding of UNB.

We chose A Celebration of Spirit as the theme of this special anniversary because it captured our desire to celebrate the dedication and spirit of our founders and builders, and the spirit of the UNB community today and its supporters — a spirit that will carry UNB into the future. 

Building on the 225th anniversary of the province in 2009 and complementing the 225th anniversary of the City of Saint John in 2010, UNB's celebration:

  • honoured UNB's history, traditions and people,
  • increased knowledge of and pride in UNB,
  • enhance alumni, student and community engagement with UNB, and
  • created activities to benefit the university beyond 2010-11.

Faculty, current and former staff, alumni and student representatives from both UNB campuses were involved with planning UNB's Celebration of Spirit.

Together we celebrated our past accomplishments, our current success and our future possibilities, at UNB Fredericton, at UNB Saint John and at our satellite locations in New Brunswick and around the world.

We reflected on the lasting impact UNB has had on our province and beyond, and challenged ourselves to help shape a vision for the future.