Maureen Sparks   2014 President's Medal Recipient

Since announcing her retirement Maureen has been recognized at:

  • The athletics awards gala two weeks ago
  • The men’s hockey graduation gala on Monday night
  • And now today for the President’s Medal.

Maureen has repeatedly said to me: “I don’t understand what all the fuss is about, I have just been doing my job.”

Maureen – that is simply not true.  Doing your job is coming in to work everyday and accomplishing the duties associated with your job description. 

What you do is – come in everyday, many evenings and weekends on weekly basis with the specific goal and desire to make a significant difference:

  • A significant difference to the workplace and colleagues
  • A significant difference to Athletics
  • A significant difference in lives of the countless student athletics from UNB and the country who have the pleasure of your influence.

I have had the pleasure over the years of travelling with various teams during their pursuit for an Atlantic or National championship and have seen first hand the time and energy Maureen commits to making certain that the athlete experience is memorable.

I have also seen first hand that after attending events all day, her working tirelessly until 3am to make the media deadline.

And in case we became complacent in our appreciation, I have been told in no uncertain terms by several athletic directors and athletic coordinators across the Atlantic and Canadian universities that we better cherish what we have in Maureen as she set the bar for organizing (25+) and national (9+) sporting championship events in terms of professionalism and student-athlete experience.

Maureen, I hope I have made it clear what the fuss is all about. 

Congratulations on this prestigious honour.

Dr. Wayne Albert
Dean of Kinesiology
April 16, 2014