Ian Reid  2013 Distinguished Service Award

Dr. Ian Reid is nominated for the Distinguished Service Award for the positive contributions he has made to the Faculty of Kinesiology, the university and the community since joining what was then the Faculty of Physical Education in 1987.

Dr. Reid was instrumental in developing the recreation and sport studies curriculum in the faculty and in 1991 his efforts were reflected in the renaming of the faculty to Physical Education and Recreation. He was then appointed Director of Undergraduate Studies in 1992 and over the ten years that he held this position he continued to ensure that the curriculum met the changing needs of the students, educational standards and the work place. In addition to his leadership in undergraduate curriculum development, Dr. Reid was responsible for working through the process to ensure that for the first time the Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology received accreditation by the Canadian Council of University Physical Education and Kinesiology Administrators. Dr. Reid continued the growth of the faculty and furthered the educational opportunities within the field by creating the Master of Arts in Recreation and Sport Studies and the Master of Business Administration in Recreation and Sport Management degrees. Since its inception in 2005 the MBB in Recreation and Sport Management has been featured in several publications such as the Financial Post and the Canadian Business Magazine.

During the latter part of his time as Director of Undergraduate Studies, Dr. Reid was also the Assistant Dean of what is now the Faculty of Kinesiology. He served in this position from 1998 to 2002. Throughout his time at UNB he has also been a productive member of a number of standing committees within the faculty and he has played a major role outside of the faculty through his service on several University committees such as search committees and task forces. Further, he has been a member of and/or chaired a variety of Senate committees.

Throughout his administrative service Dr. Reid maintained a close connection with the students and the classroom. At one time or another over the years he has developed and taught most of the undergraduate and graduate level courses offered in the recreation and sport management area. Added to this, he has supervised close to 30 graduate students and has been on several supervisory and examining committees. He has been nominated for the Excellence in Teaching Award and is continually receiving notes of appreciation from former students who realize the positive impact he has had on their education and their professional lives. Among the program innovations that he developed that have made lasting impressions on the students have been the KIN Camp experience for first year students, the professional internship opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students and the Fall Awards Luncheon to honour Dean’s List students, award recipients and their parents.

Along with his accomplishments on campus, Dr. Reid has been an influential leader in the field of recreation and sport management through his research and his professional involvement in the province and in the country. This aspect of his service has done much to raise the profile and reputation of the Faculty and UNB. For, example, he was the founder and chairperson of the National Inter-sectorial Committee on Youth-at-Risk, served on the board of the Laidlaw Foundation, been on several committees for Health Canada and was an invited delegate to the National Summit on Recreation held recently in Alberta.

Over the 25 years that Dr. Reid has been at UNB he has been a vital member of the Faculty of Kinesiology. His administrative ability, commitment to education, sense of social responsibility and collaborative manner are valued by his students and colleagues. He has made many enduring positive and they are worthy of recognition.

Cynthia Stacey, Assistant Dean
Faculty of Kinesiology