Donglei Du  2014 University Research Scholar

Dr.  Donglei  Du joined  the  Faculty  of Business Administration  in  2003  as  an  Assistant  Professor  in  the Quantitative Methods area. He was promoted to Associate Professor in 2005, granted tenure in 2006, and promoted to the  rank of Professor in 2009. Since the  beginning of his career at the  University of New Brunswick, Dr. Du has developed and sustained a reputation as an outstanding educator, having achieved a very high level of recognition from peers for his excellent record of scholarly research and success in securing grants. He has two doctorates, one in Operations Management from the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the other in Computer Science from the University of Texas at Dallas. Dr. Du holds an adjunct appointment with the Department of Mathematics at UNB. He has held visiting professor appointments at the London School of Economics, Technical University of Graz (Austria), and City University of Hong Kong.
Dr. Du has authored and/or co-authored 42 research papers in refereed journals, fourteen of which  are since 2009.  His papers are frequently cited and have appeared  in prestigious journals such as  Operations Research, Algortihmica, SIAM Journal on Discrete Applied Mathematics, European Journal of
Operations Research, Theoretical Computer  Science,  Infonnation   Processing   Letters,  Operations  Research, Journal   of Combinatorial   Optimization,  Naval Research Logistics Quarterly, Networks, and Operations Research Letters. Three of his papers have been designated "Hottest Articles" (most downloaded during a particular period of time).
Apart from working in the area of Computer Science  and Operations Research, Dr. Du has collaborated with scholars in the field of molecular genetics. His recent work has appeared in Scientific Reports, a publication of Nature group of journals. Scientific Reports is ranked as one of the top ten journals in the field of interdisciplinary science journals ahead of Scientific American. He has also published fourteen papers  in refereed conference proceedings and presented more than a dozen papers at professional and technical meetings. The number of invited talks he has given at international conferences and workshops speaks volumes about his standing within his field.
Dr. Du works in the area of combinatorial optimization and algorithms, specifically in design and  analysis of approximation, online and randomized algorithms applicable to problems in network flow, scheduling, rendezvous search, gene directional mapping and computational game theory. He also does work in robust optimization (particularly in finance), and in logistics network design, facility  location, inventory  management, and supply chain management. Using his rich research experience, Dr.  Du has  developed  a  course  on  social media  networks.
Because of his strong research record, Dr. Du has in the past received the Faculty's Annual Research Award (2004-2005), the Faculty's Excellence in Research Award (2002-2007), and the UNB Merit Award (2005- 2006; 2011-2012). He won an Outstanding Paper Award at the International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management in 2007; his was one of only three, out of more than 500 papers, awarded this distinction.
Dr. Du has held NSERC grants throughout his career at UNB. His current grant in the amount of $120,000 for the period 2009-2014 is the highest valued tri-council grant within our Faculty. In collaboration with other researchers, Dr. Du has obtained research grants in the past including an individual NSERC Discovery grant totaling $85,000 across five years, as well as a 2003-2005 project from Day and Ross \Forth $164,600 that he worked on with colleagues from UNB's Engineering Faculty.
He has frequently used his research funding to bring distinguished guest researchers and post-docs to our Faculty. In the past five years, Dr. Du has supervised/co-supervised seven Master's theses or projects. He has also been involved as co-supervisor of five PhD theses.Dr. Du has reviewed  papers  for international journals  such as  Computational  Intelligence,  Discrete  Optimization,  the European Journal of Operations Research, the Journal of
Combinatorial Optimization, Operations Research, and Mathematics of Operations  Research.    He has served on a number of Faculty committees in which  he has played  an active role in  spurring research-related policies and initiatives including Coordination, Research Awards, Graduate Programs, Faculty Assessment, and Educational Resource.
Outside our Faculty, Dr. Du has provided distinguished services to the International Conference on Combinatorial Optimization and Applications, and the College of Reviewers of the Mathematics of lnfonnation Technology and Complex Systems, a Network of Centres of Excellence for the Mathematical Sciences.
Considering the outstanding range and proficiency of his activities, I consider Dr. Donglei Du to be highly deserving of a University Research Scholar Award.
Dr. Devashis Mitra, Dean
Faculty of Business Administration
April 16, 2014