Macaulay-O'Sullivan Award Winners 2012

New initiatives by UFirst: Each of these innovative programs has helped to meet enrolment objectives, ensure high quality service for applicants and improve response times for prospective students.

The sales and service recruitment territories assigned a recruiter and a client service staff member to specific geographic areas, enabling them to personally connect with prospective students.  One guidance counselor commented, “The University of New Brunswick has some of the finest recruiters I have ever had the pleasure of working with.  They strive to ensure my knowledge and my understanding of the UNB experience is personal and comprehensive.”

Guidance counselors also rave about the Hello UNB Tour, which brings 25 of them annually to the Fredericton and Saint John campuses for an action-packed weekend, immersed in UNB.  One of them wrote: “This innovative approach to reaching out to the community of counselors shows, through experiential learning, how innovative and exciting UNB is…I have not been invited to any other Universities in this manner.”

And the UFIRST Online Recruitment Program uses Facebook and Twitter to communicate with prospective students in a highly effective and immediate way.  Questions, complaints, concerns are all addressed quickly and personally.  One student tweeted, “The fact you guys have an active twitter is wicked cool!”

Those who made these projects successful were Susan Mesheau, Executive Director of UFirst, Dave Andrews, Mark Bishop, Cory Brown , Brett Burns, Scott Carter, Laura Gilks, Jodi Goguen, Colleen Kavanagh, Kurtis Knappe, Stephanie Lord, Dax MacLean, Stacy Smallman, and Darrah Tracy.

New Initiatives for UFirst