Macaulay-O'Sullivan Award Winners 2012

The Summer Employment Program Pilot, designed and administered by Student Affairs and Services, provided meaningful employment to students from under-represented groups including aboriginal students, persons with disabilities, low-income earners, first generation post-secondary learners, young males and youth from rural communities.

The purpose was to enhance students’ employment prospects upon completion of their studies and enable them to finance the continuation of their education during their undergraduate years.  Ongoing skill-building workshops on such topics as resume and cover letter writing helped to ensure these students would continue to be successful in completing PSE and securing a job.

Ninety-five per cent of the 24 participants returned to UNB at the end of the summer with strengthened skills and confidence.  One of them wrote: “This job helped me decide what I wanted to pursue in my BBA degree.  It gave me actual experience in the marketing field and helped me to be confident in my choice of career and my abilities.”  Employers, all of them on-campus, were enthusiastic, too.  Wrote one, “We hired a terrific student who was able to produce a lot of work for us, and who helped design systems that worked well for our processes.”Those who made this project successful were Shelley Clayton, Director of Financial Aid, Tobi Bailey, Cathy Clowater , Jose Domene , Anne Forrestall, Rice Fuller, Jeff Landine, Gillian McDougall , Jake Pond, Anne Soucy , Christine Wakeham , Kelly Waugh, Rosemary Whitlock , and Suzanne Wood.

Summer Employment Program Pilot