Macaulay-O'Sullivan Award Winners 2016

The Macaulay-O’Sullivan Awards for Administrative Service and Administrative Innovation were presented in November 2016 for UNB projects launched during 2015-16.  These projects are the result of substantial teamwork, cooperation and creativity.

Four projects were recognized for 2016:

Facilities Management: L-R Wayne Braye, Craig Hickey, Mike Carter, Dr. Eddy Campbell

"Asbestos Management Program" through Facilities Managment
Since its implementation the Asbestos Management Program (AMP) has acted as a guide to all activities dealing with asbestos containing materials on the UNB Fredericton campus. The program’s use has provided a safe and healthy study and work environment for students, faculty, staff and visitors. Since 2008, approximately 2,400 projects have been successfully undertaken to reduce the amount of asbestos containing material (ACM’s) on campus. 

To quote Paul Paulin, Senior Engineer, Environmental/Indoor Environments from Stantec: “In my 20 years of providing asbestos consulting services to various clients including commercial/industrial facilities: federal, provincial and municipal governments and institutional facilities, UNB stands out as the most proactive client, using their AMP on a daily basis to successfully and effectively manage their facilities in as safe a manner as possible.  UNB has truly set an industry standard while protecting Health and Safety of the UNB community”.

Centre for Enhanced Teaching and Learning: L-R Rebecca Ham, Dave Kell, Michelle McNeill, Debbie Goguen, Margot Young, Dr. Eddy Campbell

"Event and Conference Technology Equipment Process" from the Centre for Enhanced Teaching and Learning
Classroom Technology Services (CETL) and Conference Services (SS) collaborated to develop and implement an improved process for event and conference technology equipment requirements.  The previous system saw disjointed pricing for equipment for events that caused confusion for clients and made some services unattractive for users. 

The new system has streamlined pricing for all events and conferences users, reduced administrative overhead and improved the efficiency, costs of providing services and simplified the entire process.  The impact of this project can be felt throughout the university community but in particular the collaboration between CTS and Conference Services has created a strong positive working relationship that has translated to a great experience for their clients.

Information Technology Services Staff and Dr. Eddy Campbell

"ITS Disaster Recovery Plan" from Information Technology Services
Imagine if a serious explosion happened in the main UNB Data Centre.  The equipment damaged and unrecoverable. The UNB Data Centre is what connects UNB to the internet and hosts most of the institutional data and enterprise services including email, the UNB website and much more. In 2014 an assessment initially showed the university could be at risk of being paralyzed for up to 22 weeks. ITS developed a robust, reliable Disaster Recovery Plan that included a state of the art secondary data centre, annual plan updates and testing for continuous improvements but most significantly the virtualization of infrastructure which allows replication between the 2 facilities.  The result: an IT disaster risk to UNB has been enormously reduced and in 2016 that initial target of 6 weeks for critical services to be restored has been reduced to essentially nothing at all. This has increased the confidence in UNB’s critical IT services and enabled shared IT services in New Brunswick.

Student Services Staff and Dr. Eddy Campbell

"Merger and Restructuring of Student Affairs and Services and Residential Life and Conference Services" from Student Services.

With the departure from 2 high level positions in Residential Life, Campus and Conference Services and Student Affairs and Services a review was undertaken to see if the two service departments could create an alternative structure to better meet the needs of students.

The new Student Services department was formed incorporating all the various programs from the two departments within five divisions.  The Student Services department brings together many programs on the Fredericton campus that contribute to UNB’s goal of “an exceptional and transformative student experience.”  By consolidating financial and budget administration, introducing a Student Intervention Team, adopting the KX student module for residence operations and enhancing IT support services, the merger met the challenge of providing enhanced services for students in a climate of reduced staffing and financial resources.  The dedicated professionals in each of the 5 divisions: Health and Wellness, Student Life, Finance and Operations, Academic Success and Conference Services support our student’s efforts both inside and outside the classroom.

Selection Committee
The 2016 selection committee, chaired by Vice-President Administration and Finance, Karen Cunningham comprised: Aaron Granger, Instructor in Chemistry at UNBSJ, Andrew McAllister, Assistant Dean of Computer Science at UNBF, Mark Bishop, Registrar at UNBSJ, Sandra Howland, Director of Strategic Partnerships at UNBF, Jesse Reid, student representative from UNBSJ, Joel Dickinson, a UNB Alumnus and Peter McDougall, Associate Vice-President Human Resources.