Post-Doctoral Fellowships, Visiting Researchers, Scholars and Scientists

Post- Doctoral Fellowships

The status of Postdoctoral Fellows is that of a scholarship holder. The awards provide learning opportunities under the direction of faculty members. UNB's Policy on Postdoctoral Fellows is located on the Office of Research Services (ORS) website. An offer of appointment for all postdoctoral fellows must come from the Vice President (Research).

Additional resources such as: Guidelines for Awarding a Postdoctoral Fellowship and Applications to Request or Amend a Postdoctoral Fellow can be found on the ORS website.

Postdoctoral Fellows are not employees of the University of New Brunswick.

For immigration purposes, Human Resources and Skills Development Canada require a foreign postdoctoral fellow to have a valid work permit and social insurance number. Please see information above to ensure compliance and processing of payments.

For more information please refer to athe policy on Postdoctoral Fellowships.


Visiting Researchers, Scholars and Scientists

From time to time scholars, scientists or researchers from other institutions within Canada and abroad visit the university. The terms of their agreements can be varied and are usually outlined in a letter from the department.  Some payments for housing, honorariums and other monies may be indicated.

Where this payment is processed (Financial Services or Human Resources) and whether regulatory deductions are taken is dependant on what the payment is being made for as per Canada Revenue Agency rules.

In addition, immigration policies for foreign workers may be relevant.