Hiring Students

Payments for students range from term positions, where they are paid employment income to scholarship monies.
There are a number of different venues for student hiring dependent on the type of employment.

UNB Student Employment Service - Fredericton
UNB Student Employment Service - Saint John

Part-time Employment or Full-Time Summer Employment Student Positions

All payments to students other than scholarships is normally considered employment income and must be submitted on a Staff Change Form. This would cover most part-time student employment positions or full-time student employment during summer break or holidays.
Up to 28 hours a week designates a part-time position
29 hours per week or more designates a full-time position

Employment and Payment of Undergraduate Students as Markers, Readers and Demonstrators
Recommended rates of pay for undergraduate student positions

Graduate Students 

IMPORTANT: Please read Instructions for Faculty Members and Academic Administrators

Article 13 and Article 14 - Appointments of GSTA and GSRA

GSRA and GSTA - Employment Income
Payments considered Employment Income for Graduate Students are processed by using the Graduate Student Teaching Assistant (GSTA) and the Graduate Student Research Assistant (GSRA) form.

GAA and GRA - Scholarship Funding
Payments of scholarship funding are processed using the GAA (Graduate Academic Assistantship) or GRA (Graduate Research Assistantship) form.  Note: Graduate students receiving this type of funding should contact the School of Graduate Studies prior to taking on other non-thesis related employment to ensure they comply with UNB and funding agency guidelines.

Hiring Foreign Workers

If you plan to hire a foreign worker in Canada, you must follow specific guidelines from Employment and Social Development Canada.  Contact UNB Human Resources with any questions prior to hiring foreign workers to help facilitate the process and ensure compliance with federal policies.