Hiring Support Staff Flowchart Details

Support staff hiring is done by Human Resources and Organizational Development.  The process may be different depending on the type and length of the employment relationship.

Step 1: Identify your paperwork needs.

Is the position term for less than 6 months? If so, you are only required to fill out the Staff Change Form. This form is available in hardcopy only and is available from HR.

For position terms greater than 6 months you are required to fill out:

Follow the process below.

Step 2: Hiring Support Staff for a position term greater than 6 months.


  1. Complete the Personnel Requisition Form
  2. Is this a new position?
    • YES: Submit a Job Description with the Personnel Requisition Form. The salary will be determined by HR.
    • NO: Include Name of the Previous Incumbent
  3. HR will send for Budget Approval to the appropriate campus.
  4. Is the Budget Approved?
    • YES: Personnel Requisition is signed by both HR and the corresponding VP or the President. Proceed to advertising the position.
    •  NO: Stop. Process ends.


  1. HR drafts the ad
  2. Draft ad is sent to the Hiring Department for review and the closing date is set.
  3. On approval from the Hiring Department, the ad is posted on the UNB website, distributed electronically on campuses, and faxed to outside sources.
  4. Is external advertising required?
    • NO: Proceed to the Selection Process
    • YES: The ad may be posted to any or all of the following:
      • Daily Gleaner
      • Career Beacon
      • Telegraph Journal
      • Times & Transcript
      • Halifax Herald 
      • and/or other sources as determined by Hiring Department

        All costs to post the ad externally will be charged to the Hiring Department. A PO through Financial Services is required.
  5. The ad is posted. Proceed to the Selection Process.


  1. Applications are received and compiled by HR and the Hiring Department is notified at the closing date.
  2. The Hiring Department picks up their competition package, reviews the applicants and creates a shortlist.
  3. The Hiring Department conducts interviews: 
    • Is this a union position?
      • YES: Follow the interview policies as set out in the appropriate Collective Agreement.
      • NO: The Hiring Department conducts interviews of the shortlisted applicants. HR can assist with questions and interviews. 
  4. The Hiring Department checks references.
  5. The Hiring Department selects a top choice candidate and returns the entire competition package to HR with the list of interviewees and the top choice candidate indicated.
  6. Is the selected candidate eligible to work in Canada?
    • NO: Contact HR before proceeding.
    • YES: Hiring department may contact selected candidate and inform them that HR will be contacting them to extend a formal offer of employment.
  7.  Does the selected candidate accept the formal offer of employment?
    • NO:  Is there a second choice candidate?
    • YES: Success! The Hiring Department is notified. An appointment letter is drawn up by HR confirming the terms of employment.
      • Is this a union position?
        • YES: A copy of the association's collective agreement is included with the appointment letter and a meeting is scheduled with employee's associations VP.
        • NO: Proceed.
  8. Hiring Department completes the Staff Change Form.
    Note: Other things you may need to know to complete the staff change form:
  9. New Employee completes Payroll Forms.
  10. The new employee may be placed on 6-month or 120-day probationary or trial period. After a successful performance review, they switch to regular employment status.
  11. All interviewed applicants are contacted by HR or the Hiring Department.