Ensuring Payment in a Timely Manner

What do I need to do to ensure payment for individuals?

You have gone through the hiring process and/or determined who you are hiring and in what position. You now need to ensure all the proper forms are submitted to have the employee set up to be paid.

What forms are required?

For most staff and student hires a Staff Change Form must be completed. These are available in hard copy only from the Human Resources Department.

It is important that all the required fields on the Staff Change form are complete and accurate before they are forwarded for processing and approval.  If the form is submitted with missing information it may be returned which can cause delays in payment to employee as well as access to university services.

You also need to ensure the authorized signatures appear on the forms where required and are forwarded to the appropriate area.  Additional information is required when submitting a Staff Change form for an employee on timesheets or for an employee with an annual wage and entitled to overtime pay. Please complete and attach the WebTimeEntry@UNB - Supervisor / Evaluator Information document. Each employee must have the Primary Supervisor, Alternate Supervisor and Evaluator identified for HR to enter into the system for payment.

In addition, employees need to provide a completed TD1 and a TD1NB and banking information before the information can be processed for payment.  Click here for TD-1's and banking forms.

What time period will the employee be paid for?

Employees who are paid an annual wage (same hours every two weeks) are paid to date. That means that they are paid up to and including the day they receive their payment. Normally deposits are made on every second Friday.

Employees who are paid on timesheets are paid one week in arrears, so up to the Saturday prior to the pay day.

Where paperwork has been submitted after the cut-off date, retroactive payments will be done on annual employees at the time the paperwork is received and paid on the first pay, however, for timesheet employees a request for payment of late hours will have to be submitted on the Late Timesheet Payment form.

Payroll-Cut-off Dates or Deadlines

Deadlines are in place for HR to receive paperwork for paying an employee and while the deadline for changes for the next pay is two weeks prior, this assumes that all aspects of the process are completed by the end of business day on the cut-off date.  Please ensure you know the Payroll cut-off dates, as they are strictly adhered to.

Note: If paperwork is received by HR and requires further processing by the Vice-President's Office, Research Services or Resource Planning and Budget only on the deadline and processing cannot be guaranteed.  Getting your paperwork in early will help to avoid delays.