Which employment group does the employee belong to and what does it mean?

The Employment Group determines the terms and conditions of employment for employees.   Employees at UNB may be a member of one of the five Bargaining Units or a members or the non-bargaining employee group. It is important to ensure you know what group your employee fall within to ensure they are hired and managed correctly and in compliance with UNB policy or the corresponding collective agreement.The employment group determines the policies that apply to such things as salary administration and vacation and sick leave entitlement.  


Policies for Unionized Faculty Groups

  • Association of University Teachers- Full-time (AUNBT)
  • Association of University Teachers- Part-time (CAE)

Policies for Unionized Staff Groups

  • General Labour and trades and Allied Services and Audio Visual Groups (GLTA)
  • Secretaries, Accountants, Library Assistants and Clerks (SALAC)
  • Canadian Union of Public Workers (Local 3339 Saint John Campus) - (CUPE)

Policies for Non-Unionized Staff

  • Administrative, Professional and Technical Staff (APT)

Policies for Unionized Graduate Student Workers

  • Union of Graduate Student Workers (Local 60550) USGW