Employee Engagement Survey 2012

A message from the President

Dear colleagues,

Last fall, faculty and staff were invited to participate in the first annual employee engagement survey.  Our strategic plan calls for us to provide an intensely satisfying work experience for all of our employees.  This survey allows us to understand some of the employment issues important to the broader community – those where we are doing well and those where we might do better as an employer.

With well over 900 staff and faculty taking the time to respond, the feedback that was received on a wide range of issues will be enormously helpful to our future planning.

Our consultants, CRA, have provided us with their final report. It is now available for all to read using the links below.

This exercise will continue in future years and its reach will be broadened to include other employee groups, for example, part-time employees such as contract academics who were not the focus of this inaugural survey.  There are certainly issues that are common across all employment categories, but we will seek particular input on some of the unique issues that arise for part-time employees.  

The results from this initial survey provide an important first step and a baseline against which to measure progress. It will help us to better understand both our strengths and our challenges, and will provide a foundation from which we can work together to achieve the mission set out in our strategic plan – to be the premier environment for our students, faculty and staff in which to learn, work and live.


Dr. H.E.A. (Eddy) Campbell
President and vice-chancellor

Employee Engagement Survey Results 2012

Executive Summary

Overall Results

Faculty Results

Support Staff Results