Professional Expense Account

Contract academic instructors who hold a Right of First Refusal (ROFR) and contract academic librarians and archivists who hold a Multi-Year Appointment (MYA) are eligible to apply for Professional Expense Account (PEA) funding up to a maximum of $1000 per fiscal year (May 1 to April 30).  CAEs who have received no monies from the PEA fund in the previous year may be able to claim up to $2000 at one time.  All expenditures must be related to the enhancement of pedagogy and/or the enhancement of the CAE's discipline.  Eligible expenses commonly include items such as the purchase of resources, a portion of internet service during teaching months (months when a course is offered plus one month thereafter), conference registration and related travel, and membership in academic and professional organizations.


To apply, please complete and submit an application form located under Vice-President Fredericton (Academic) in Academic Administration (password protected) or click here.  Your Chair or Dean should also sign the application form.  If you teach in Saint John, please contact the Office of the Vice-President Saint John


When the proposed expenditures have been approved and then purchased, either a travel expense claim form (for conference registration fees and travel expenses) or a personal reimbursement form (for all other expenses) should be completed and submitted along with original receipts and boarding passes when flying.  These forms can be found under Financial Services.  Your Chair or Dean does not need to sign claim forms.

PEA applications can only be fully approved and processed when all University policies are followed.  We recommend in particular that contract academic employees familiarize themselves with the policies of Financial Services, especially those related to Travel and Expenditure Guidelines.  Below are listed some common reasons why claims are delayed or cannot be processed:

  • Not submitting claims within twenty business days for processing.
  • Not submitting claims within the same fiscal year (May 1 to April 30) as the expenses were incurred.
  • Not submitting original receipts which clearly indicate the nature of the expenses and method of payment.
  • Not submitting complete documentation when flying, including airfare itinerary, receipt, and boarding passes.
  • Not submitting evidence of related travel and accommodation when claiming conference registration.