The principal responsibility of contract academic librarians and archivists is to support the academic work of the University through the provision of professional library services.

Assessment Process

The performance of contract academic librarians and archivists will normally be formally assessed in the term of the regular academic year following completion of the third assignment within a five-year period.  Right of First Refusal (ROFR) is awarded following a positive assessment.  When libraries are hiring for a new assignment, librarians and archivists holding ROFR for that particular assignment are given first consideration when they apply.

There are two ROFR assessment periods each year, in the fall and winter semesters.  Librarians and archivists who are newly eligible to apply for assessment will receive a notice of assessment from the Vice-President's office late in the preceding semester.  All ROFR applications must be received within six weeks of the notice by the head librarian, who forms a Library Assessment Committee to assess applications and inform employees of the result.  Librarians and archivists have the right to submit a written response within ten days.  Please see Article 19B.03 of the Collective Agreement for further details.

Assessment Package

The assessment of contract academic librarians and archivists is based on the contents of the official file and a self-assessment letter, as stated in the Collective Agreement.  The following outline is aimed to assist with preparation of the assessment package.  For detailed information on assessment, please refer to Article 19 of the Collective Agreement.

(1) Description of assignment(s)

Describe the terms of the assignment(s), including the library, department, weekly hours, commencement and end dates, and nature of the duties performed.

(2) Self-assessment letter

Provide a self-assessment of performance of the assigned duties.

(3) Academic service

Where the librarian or archivist performs assessable academic service, a description of this service should be included.